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After Link update CM RGB LEDs only green


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After I updated to the latest Corsair Link version whenever I power up my Corsair Commander mini the RGB LEDs flash red (the color I have selected) and then turn to a pale green. The only color that works as it should is white with every other color showing green.


I have unplugged, tried different LED strips, I have double checked that there are no temp alarms triggered for green LEDs.


I noticed last week that the LEDs functioned properly for one session.


I have reverted to past Link version as well but no change...

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From what you have posted I can't even guess what the issue is and I would need to know/see as follows:

  1. What is the actual version number of what you think is the "latest Corsair Link"?
  2. What firmware version does the CL Mini have?
  3. Have you tried power cycling the CL Mini (system)?
  4. How is the LED configured? Attach a screen shot of the CL4 LED Configure panel.

I can set red/green/blue using CL for the LEDs attached to my CL Mini which has the 1.1.6 firmware, though I rarely run CL4 as I feel it's rather poorly implemented, is unreliable and lacks all the control facilities I wish to use.

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