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Lights On After Pc Shutdown


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I Just Bought K70 RGB Rapidfire Keyboard And i am Facing Some problem Like When i Shutdown My Pc Keyboard Lights Are Off. After Sometime keyboard Light Are Automatically On (red Light+white light)

Note:Pc Is Shutdown But Power Still On From Switch Board.

Can Anyone Help Me With This? :(:

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Facing a New Problem now:-

My k70 rapidfire plugged in 2 usb 2.0 port

1st port-usb passthrough

2nd port-keyboard usb cable which light up the keyboard


cue software is installed and my keyboard is working fine

now when i shutdown my pc it shows red + white light (wasd+arrow key)

after after total pc shutdown light goes completely off..


now i switch off my plug also so there is no power supply to the computer...


after sometime i switch on my pc main switch...keyboard lights up to

red + white light (wasd+arrow key) and when i start my pc 2-3 sec later lights off only wasd+arrow key lights up in blue color and whole keyboard lights off...and when i get onto my desktop... keyboard lights are not working at all only blue light is working on every cue software light setting...

Note-when i replug keybord wire again all works fine


need help...if any indian user using this keyboard call me @+917737615770 will call u back if u leave a msg

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