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Corsair Void 7.1 sound randomly cutting out


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Recently (as in the last day or two) my headset will sometimes randomly cut out the audio for a few seconds then pick back up again, as if i have gone out of range of the dongle for a moment but i'm sitting at my PC the whole time.


It does it regardless of the battery level, and i always have sound playing (either through spotify or watching tv shows) so its not like its doing it through inactivity. It seems to be happening more and more, like the period of time between it cutting out becomes slightly shorter.


As i was writing this post i was watching a movie and the sound cut out for a second, cut back in, and then the headset turned itself off. Turned it back on and 30sec later the sound cut out for a second again. Auto shutdown is disabled in the CUE software, and the battery level is at 74% at the time of


*Update* sound now crackling and "clipping" almost like a sudden white noise pop/crackle instead of cutting out. All firmware up to date

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