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CUE2 doesnt save brightness level to device


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I have a K70 and want to set all my keys to a lower intensitiy. It just is too bright to work with it at night.


How can I save lower brightness levels to the device memory?

Or is the device memory more like a ON/OFF thing?

Can I at least tell it to start in the lowest brightness level?

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You can alternatively use the brightness button on the keyboard to quickly change the brightness of the keyboard.


Yes, but I'll have to do that every time I start the computer.


I don't have this keyboard but I found the brightness by using the button on the keyboard was different when using CUE2 and when CUE2 wasn't launched. This got me earlier... I just turned it down via the keyboard when CUE2 wasn't running and it recalled this later.


My keyboard does not seem to do that :( Everytime I restart the computer or even turn CUE2 on and off it will go to full brightness.

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