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New mini-itx build (with RM550x) not powered on after first Windows installation


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Hi all.

Some days ago I've performed my new build installation. First time with mini-itx components. I have choosen as PSU th Corsair RM550x.

Here under the specifications of the built:


Case : Bitfenix Prodigy

PSU : Corsair RM550x

MOBO : Asus H170i Pro AC

CPU : i5 6600

CPU Cooler : APX-200 Muscle

RAM : 2x8 DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133 MHz

GPU : Palit Geforce GTX 1060 dual ;

SSD : M.2 Samsung 950 Pro 256GB


System FANS : Fractal Venturi PWM 14 (front in) + Fractal Venturi PWM 12 (rear ex)

Misc : Silverstone SST-LS01A LED Light Strip - Blue


After complete installation, the built powered on without problem and i performed Q-FAN tuning saving the parameter from BIOS.

After that, also Windows 10 Pro 64bit (July 2016 version) installation has been completed successfully.

The only driver installation has been done by Windows for GTX 1060 GPU. I have connected to built-in ASUS wi-fi device my bluetooth keyboard and speaker.

After that i have tried some video playback and internet navigation. All worked well and quikly.

I have shoot down in nominal way, from SO, the system switch of the PSU.


After 10 minutes i have tried to power on again the PC switch on the PSU : nothing happened ! :eek:

I have tried and tried again the power on without success. Only one green led light up near the RAM and fonr wich no information present in user manual.


I start to cry and search a feedback on Google and you Forum (compliments for usefull and well written technical information).

So I performed all the test included in your "no post" check list disconnecting all cable, clearing CMOS with and without battery, shortcircuit power sw pin, etc...

The only test that remains is paper clip verification on PSU : but i don't know if corsair PSU will activate fan without nominal load.

Only not nominal condition : i didn't install power and HDD led, cause case connector was broken.


Please help me, I am totally desperate :(: ! I would like in any case to find the issue or the broken device without buy again something the, maybe, is working well.

Is there any kind of troubleshooting to check the PSU ? Is there any kind of specification on cabling of RM550x in order to check the voltage level and ensure it funtionalities?

I would like to come back to th 30 minutes when the PC worked well and very quickly ...


Thanks in advance.



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