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HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB Fan connectors

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to bring up a small matter about our HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB fan connectivity that could cause some minor confusion in the future. So just a heads up, I will go over a couple of pointers and highlight a few things that we need to remember when connecting the HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB fans to your system.


There are two connectors attached to the HD120 RGB/SP120 RGB fans. One connector is a regular 3pin 12V that powers the fan, and the other one is the 5V proprietary 4pin LED connector that powers the fan’s RGB LED. The 3pin 12V is your standard 3pin 12V which can be connected to a regular 3pin or any 4pin PWM fan header like the ones you have on your motherboard. Now the 5v 4pin proprietary LED connector is where I think the confusion may come from, as they can be easily mistaken for a 4pin PWM fan plug. So let’s keep a few things in mind before connecting your HD/SP 120 RGB fans to your rig.


The 4pin proprietary LED connector is ONLY meant to be plugged in to the 6port RGB LED hub that we included in our 3pack fan set SKU # CO-9050067-WW and the single fan pack with controller SKU # CO-9050066-WW. To reiterate, the 5V 4pin proprietary LED connectors are not to be connected to any mobo fan header, fan controller, or any fan port in general BUT the 6 port RGB LED hub that is included in the box. Please be mindful that plugging them in to any port that runs on 12V will prematurely damage the RGB LED on the fan.


To all Corsair Link Commander mini owners – If you already have our HD120/SP120 RGB fans, please DO NOT connect the 5V 4pin LED connector to your Commander mini LED port as those ports runs on 12V. We know that the pins are keyed the same on the connector and the Commander mini LED port, so I know for a fact that this part can be easily overlooked when connecting the fans.


Here are the two connectors attached to the fan.




Here is the 6 port LED hub where the 5V 4pin LED connector needs to be plugged in.




And just an FYI for HD120/SP120 owners, in case you missed it, there’s actually a text on back of the retail box that specified that you need to use the LED hub power the fan’s RGB LED.



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