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Bigger M65 Pro?


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Mod it. Making a mouse smaller is hard, but making it bigger should be easier. 3D-print extensions (tailored for your hand) and glue them on. It may be a ghetto way to solve your issue, but it should work. If you don't have access to a 3D printer you can still make custom parts, but not as easy.
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I just bought an M65 Pro RGB mouse, and I like it for the most part, especially the sensor in it (Pixart 3360).


My only problem with it is that it's too small. Holding it is a bit awkward.

It's not long enough, and it's not wide enough for my hand.


We will be expanding our mice lineup and this is valuable feedback to us. As of now, this is all we have but hopefully we will have a mouse that will fit your hand in the future.

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Get a RAT 7
That mouse has a Philips TwinEye sensor. I won't be buying anything that uses it.


I've only ever bought two mice that had the TwinEye: the original Razer Mamba, and the Imperator.

The best thing about the Mamba was the shape of it. Of all the mice I've used, I like the shape of the original Mamba the best.

But, that was basically the only good thing about it.


I don't know why Razer keeps using the TwinEye for most of their mice.


As far as the M65 Pro goes, I think what it needs is this:


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