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H80i GT same cooling performance for quite profile and performance profile


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My CPU is i7 4970k.


My motherboard is MSI z97 Gaming 5.


My cooler is H80i GT.


I am currently stressing CPU using a tool called coredamage.


My motherboard has a nice CPU temp LED indicator.


Idle temperature is 30 degree celsius.


The temperature hovers around 65 degree celsius in "quite profile" + coredamage running.


In "performance profile" the fan spin like crazy but temperature is still same.


I have even tried setting fan to max and pump to performance manually. Temperature does not changes no matter what I do !


Apparently quite and performance results are the same for me.


What should I do to resolve this?

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lol...never used it though. Seems powerful.


I suspect few do. I use it in SIV to read all the current CPU MSRs for all the CPUs at the same time and then update what SIV displays.





The H80iGT is cooler when the pump is running faster so I feel the pump is working as it should.


I suspect the high package temperature may be down to sub optimal thermal contact. How much thermal paste did you use? About the size of a small pea?


BTW .PNG works better for screen shots.

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This is brand new so thermal paste was pre-applied. But I remember removing the CPU block and attaching it again (before starting CPU for the first time with H80i) just to straighten the Corsair sign on the block. Maybe that screwed up the paste.


I'll reinstall by cleaning and applying new thermal paste and let you know.


Thanks for investigating this.




SIV seems cool...will check it out.

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