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Corsair 330r Front Fascia - A Nightmoare to Remove


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Trying to remove Corsair 330r Front Fascia. Pulled from Bottom, bottom and middle pops right out. However, the two front metal clips are an absolute nightmare to pull off. I already dinged up pulling it off. I attempted again, but decided to stop after getting the middle and bottom sections off and keeping the top in (I was able to install my second front fan this way so I didn't bother).


It can't be this hard, I mean it is an absolute bear to pull out, to the point, i won't try anymore since i did "ding" the edges already a bit and I don't want to do anymore damage. This can't be normal, do I need to remove my DVD player and fan controller in the future (I don't know why), but maybe it would help? Please advise. Maybe I am missing something very easy. Thanks in advance.



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