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Corsair Vengeance 2100H Questions


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I have 2 issues I would like to get solved, but I doubt any of them are solvable, apart from buying another headset.



1. My headset makes a buzzing noise when charging making it near impossible to be in a conversation with people while charging the headset. I have seen many people complain about it, and the closest to an explanation I have gotten was a person in a forum writing "It's a design fault. The charging part of the headset should have been put in the right cup away from the mike. In the current design form, the mike, battery and charging circuits are too close together causing interference when the mike is on (aka lowered boom). "


Is this the case and is there nothing to do about it?



2. I would really like if there was some way for me to see a % counter or a bar or some sort on the battery level of the headset.. This is mainly important for me because I can't play with friend when charging so I need to be conservative about not having it plugged in.

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1. If i recall correctly, Improper ground may cause issues like that as well. Try a different USB port and computer and see whether or not the noise is still present.


2. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the battery percentage on the H2100.


Corsair provides a two year warranty for their headsets. If you do encounter a problem, it will be best to contact customer service as well.


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