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fans not working LED NOT CHANGING


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Corsair Link can not control the fans nor can it change the led. I am stuck with the new firmware version. The new software is not compatible with my h100i.


I purchased it in 2003 and need to roll back the firmware as this new firmware does not work at all well.


How can I change the firmware ?

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Should my temps be this high ?


  1. Have you updated the firmware?
  2. I can't tell as I can't see the coolant temperature.
  3. You should also specify the room temperature.
  4. How/where is the H100i installed?
  5. The disks seem rather warm.
  6. You should post the CL4 [Home] tab
  7. You should use .PNG for screen shots

If you don't address all the points I may not reply :asskick:.

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