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I bought an M65 RGB mouse for 60 dollars on Newegg. It worked fine for a few weeks and then started shorting out while I was playing. I would have to keep moving the mouse on the mouse pad until it started to kinda flick to different directions on my screen and then I was able to play again. It got to the point that it was happening close to every 5 minutes. I asked a Corsair Rep what I should do and they suggested RMA. Which meant I had to ship my brand new mouse in and get a refurbished one. Once I made the decision to go through with the RMA it started working flawlessly, so I never sent it in.. This was back in May, I believe. Well now.. its back to shutting off all the time only this time it will stay off for long periods of time and when it does come back it tends to shut off within a minute... Has anyone had this issue to know what I should do. I don't believe I will be able to send it back at this point. Just sucks spending 60 dollars on a paperweight.
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