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H115i water temp higher than cpu temp?


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As the title says, my water temps have been pretty consistently high lately, and right now while idling (but after a long gaming session), my cpu is sitting around 27-30c, while the water in the h115i is at 32.1. How does this make sense? Additionally, when playing certain games (especially Overwatch), my water temp gets very high. I haven't been worrying about it too much, I assume it's just limited airflow in the case, but the water does get up to about 46c consistently when gaming; the cpu occasionally spikes as high as 80 or 82, but mostly hovers in the 50s and 60s.


i7-6700k oc to 4.6.

H115i cooler.

EVGA GTX 1080 ftw edition.

Phanteks enthoo evolv atx case.


Radiator is mounted in the top, two fans pushing air up through the rad. Two intake fans in front, one exhaust in rear.

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Are you running AI Suite? It and Link tend to cross swords on shared monitoring data and artificially lower than water temp CPU core reporting is a common complaint. The H115i Temp sensor (water temp) is likely accurate since only Link can measure that value. I wouldn't be too concerned with minor differences between the two at idle. The water is in motion with constant temperate changes. The CPU is even more dynamic. We say the cores cannot be lower than the water temperature, but there is a lot of fluctuation and the polling is not scientific grade. If you could keep everything still, the results would be more in line.


As for the load core temps, there is nothing you can do about CPU spikes. These are usually program generated and no cooler can prevent the voltage from being suddenly applied. I don't play Overwatch, so you would need other users to confirm they also see large CPU spikes in the game. As you mentioned, the average is far lower and a better measure of the cooler's functionality.


46C water temp while gaming is getting a bit on the high side, although you have to compare this to your room/case temperature. It's quite easy to hit this number in Summer time in a warm room. Besides that, there are a couple other things that can contribute to high water temps besides actual CPU waste heat. Big watt GPUs will warm up the entire case and the water system. For people with 980 Ti x 2 this is a major fact of life. I don't think the 1080 qualifies, unless you are trying to drive a 4K monitor in AAA graphic games. The other common cause is case design or general case layout. How is the H115i orientated in the Evolve? I'll assume in the roof and as exhaust for now. Even in that preferred configuration, several other posters have mentioned higher than expected water temperatures when using the radiator in the top panel of the Evolve ATX. We have discussed it in detail before and it seems the top panel traps a layer of heat under the shield or restricts it in some other way. The only solution I can offer, aside from removing the top panel, is is to try the H115i as on the front panel as intake. This may or may not be better for the overall system. All you can do is experiment and compare.

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