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H100i rattling issue


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So I'm aware this issue has been presented here before but I'm unsure if I have the same issue; my cooler is making the exact same noise as in the video linked so I don't know if it is the fans or the pump? I have yet to try the option suggested in the previous posts regarding plugging the fans into my motherboard instead of the adapter, and will do so but in the meantime just wanted to know if I have a faulty unit or if there is a fix for this issue.



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Just unplug the fans entirely for a minute to eliminate or confirm them as the culprit. As long as you are not applying a steady load, you can go a while without fans. The pump will still move the heat around in the water system. On the other hand, if the pump is failing, the water temperature will rise rather quickly and stay in an elevated state, even with fans.


Is the noise really changing pitch as you raise and lower the block? That would point strongly at the pump. Although, I guess this is not your video and have not tried the same thing.


Besides the horrific noise, how are the temperatures?

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