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Less bright lights


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Just started using a K70 LUX and getting to know it... last night, in a dark room the LED lights, set to 33%, were so bright and in conjunction with the textured aluminum, caused a sort of horrible seizure inducing (in my eyes) flicker. This makes me think there should be a way to turn the LEDs down to 10% or so. (I use F.Lux which turns down the apparent brightness via color temp of my monitors after the sun goes down, thus the keyboard is even more bright, relatively speaking. F.Lux is gaining in use and is being built into operating systems now)

I think this would be a very fine addition to the CUE software.

Now I know the initial response might be something like.. That can't be done... you only get 0/33/66/100%.... And there certainly isn't anything in the CUE software that directly allows for such a tweak... but seeing that one of the lighting styles does turn all the lights down except the one it is highlighting, I am led to believe it can physically be done. So I did it. So I know it can be done, it is just that you have to trick it into doing it. I would prefer it can be done directly.

Thanks for listening.

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