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AX860 and AFCI nuisance tripping


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Hi guys,


I have recently come upon a pretty irritating problem. I have an AX860 installed in my computer with 2 970 GTX's and an AMD FX-8150. Few hard drives, etc. It is connected to a Cyberpower UPS 1500PFCLCD.


I have recently started experiencing a lot of AFCI breaker trips when playing games which result in a sustained 550w draw (according to the software that interfaces with the UPS). It's extremely inconsistent and I cannot find a connection other than that my PC is drawing ~550w (+/- 100). This happens even with nothing else connected to the circuit.


At first it was only happening in my office. I connected an extension cord to another circuit and it didn't happen for a couple of weeks. I connected it back to my original outlet and it trips that breaker. I went back to the extension cord and it started happening on that circuit too. Once it happens it continues to happen over and over and over until I give the system a few hours rest. Then it won't happen again for a couple of hours while gaming.


I have had an electrician at my house twice. I can't make it happen when he's here of course.


Are there any known issues with this PSU and AFCI breakers? Is this something I can attempt to RMA the PSU for? Is there a good test for this to find out if there is an actual arc fault occuring inside my PSU or computer? I have rewired the whole thing just to make sure nothing was loose, frayed, or inadvertently touching.

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For anyone that sees this thread in the future:


I found the actual problem and thus have a solution.


Problem: When the PSU fan turned on the breaker would trip.


Solution: I replaced the breaker with a regular breaker (instead of AFCI) and put an AFCI outlet on the first outlet of the circuit.

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Looks like the PSU may have a fault with the power factor. That is caused with RF leaking back into the breaker. Usually the low pass filter is pretty reliable.


Wonder if there is some problem with the breaker and the line characteristics?


You need more hardware than the usual electrician uses. Such as oscilloscopes etc to identify any stray RF etc.

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Would a different power supply do the same thing if this was the case?


I installed an EVGA platinum rated PSU and the same thing happened. I replaced the AFCI breaker with a regular breaker and put an AFCI outlet in the first available spot of the circuit and it hasn't tripped at all.


Based on research it seems that a lot of people are under the impression that Square D QO AFCI breakers are either too sensitive or aren't reliable enough to be in electric code required use.

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