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Corsair TX850 - Is this coil whine and what should I get instead?


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I am having what I believe is coil whine, from my Corsair TX850, which I bought in 2010.


It sounds like a high pitched buzzing or squeaking sound, sort of like one of those old dot matrix printers. Sometimes the sound is rhythmic (about 2 beats per second), and sometimes it appears if I move the mouse to select text in a document. I have uploaded a recording of it here:




The sound is coming out of the back of the computer, and seems to be coming from the PSU. It is also being picked up by my sound card (M-Audio Delta-44 PCI card), and is being amplified by my powered speakers.


If I turn the power mode to Power Saving, the sound goes away (for the most part).


Can you please verify that this sounds like PSU coil whine?


If so, is there any "fix" other than running in Power Saving mode (which I don't want to do since I use the computer for recording and gaming) or replacing the PSU?


And, if replacement is the only option, what are you recommendations in terms of brands and models? I keep reading about Corsair PSUs having coil whine; have Corsair PSUs significantly improved in the last 5 years or should I be looking at a different brand? As for model, I would like to get one that is at least 850W.



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