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H80i Screw Hole Problem


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Hi folks,


I installed an H80i into my rig around two years ago and I've never had a problem with it. Recently I had stripped my rig down for some general maintenance and cleaning etc.

When putting it back together one of the last things I did was replace my H80i back in situ but this is when I came across my problem.

After the block was put on etc and the last thing to go on was the back fan, the one that holds the fan and radiator in place I was inserting the screws and discovered the screws were no longer catching on the screw holes on the radiator. I checked the screws and they were fine, they weren't threaded or anything like that. I did not apply excessive force, in fact I had hardly touched them, they just kept turning round and round.


I'm wondering if this is a known fault as I have read about similar with a quick Google.

I'm a wee tad dissapointed TBH as I've had to go back to my stock Intel HSF

and set my CPU at stock speeds.


Is this a valid warranty claim?

I know some may think there's an emphasis on me but I can only reiterate how careful I was and what little pressure (if any) I used when reassembling the H80i.



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I face issues with screwing the back/front fan to radiator too.


Apparently while tightening fan to radiator with the long screw you can just keep on spinning and spinning and screw will simply keep on going in an in and it could just easily hit the radiator fin. And while installing the back fan you are in no position to know how near you're to the radiator fin.


Pretty stupid design.

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