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Problem with holding mouse button in Overwatch after installing CUE2


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I've recently purchased Corsair K70 RGB LUX keyboard with Logitech G502 mouse for my gaming pc. Everything worked fine until I installed CUE2. After that, when I hold the mouse button (either left or right) while playing Overwatch, the hold will be unexpectedly released after 5-15 seconds and suddenly holded again (this glitch causes a lot of problems when I play Reinhardt or Hanzo)


I have tested it with my other mouse (Microsoft Arc Touch) and found the same problem. This problem doesn't happen outside of the game and no longer happen after quiting CUE2 or downgrading it to CUE1.


Is there anyone found the same problem and able to fix it?

CUE2 looks a lot better so I would like to use it if I could.


Thanks in advance.

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