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My Corsair Carbide Air 740 came early!!


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Got my corsair air 740 weeks early today and I am loving it so far. Much darker in person and that ugly fin thing people get hung up on doesnt stand out in person like it does in stock photos. I know there arent many out there and I'll answer any questions you may have.


More pictures here: http://imgur.com/gallery/FNh3F



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Nice system!


I notice you took a picture with the side panel off. I was thinking, I like the case but I'm not feeling the side panel. I think case with a tempered glass would look awesome!



Interesting... What is it about the side panel that you don't like? The dimmer visual quality of acrylic (as opposed to glass), the rather large door latch (which can visually obscure some internals), or...?


I actually like the ease and convenience of the door latch. However, I much prefer the visual quality of glass over acrylic. This has me wondering if I could have someone change out the acrylic for tempered glass. Might end up being rather costly if I didn't do myself, though.

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The door latch for one. Although convenient, it does obstruct the view. Also, the (2) black borders on top and bottom. It's not a clean look. I love this case a can't wait to get it. I wish it was a clean look or maybe they can offer one with tempered glass which is what is trending now. Even the old 540/240 have a clean look.
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I like those fans!

Just put my old mobo and innerds into this 740 case. I like it. Plenty of room.

But, where does that case USB 3.0 I/O connector go on the mobo?

Current mobo is an old Asus Crosshair Formula IV (no z).

Will be upgrading to new stuff soon, but until then...


Thanks in advance.

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