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How to water cool my ASUS STRIX GTX 1080?


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I have water cooled my MSI gtx 1080 Gaming X

There is an cooler bracket with a hole for the waterblock/pomp and an fan on it to cool the vram and other things on the card :p:

The bracket is the NZXT Kraken G10.

If you google it,and go the the nzxt website, you can get compatibility info of wich aio water cooler you can fit on it.


My temperature with the stock cooler was ~70c, now with the water cooler it is ~50c


Remenber, when you take off the stock gpu heatsink, you will probebly find a screw with a warenty sticker on it, try to get the screw lose with a small plier, so if you need to return your card for some reason, you will need to put the stock coolers back on, so you still have waranty on it :winking:


Its not really a tough job to get the water cooler on it, and this is my first build too



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