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CX 750 problems or??


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I built a new PC recently and equiped it with a CX 750 and a Asus Motherboard. After a week, it didtn want to turn on, nothing happened when I pushed the power button. I went with someone to check what was the problem and he told me the motherboard wasnt working.


I changed the motherboard to a Gygabyte Gaming 3 and when I built it again, it turned on with no problems. But after a few hours when I tried to turned it on again, it didn´t so I searched in the internet and found the paperclip test and I did it to the power supply. It didnt work the first time but after a few moments it worked. So I just used my computer normally withouth any problems and today it didnt want to turn on again.


I haven´t made the paperclip tes again yet, but I just wanted to know what do you recommend me to do, because Im afraid that problems with the psu can damage other components.


PC Specs


Intel Core i7 6700k

Gygabyte Gaming 3 H170

HyperX Fury 16 GB RAM 2X8 2133

GTX 980


Kingston SSD Now

Seagate 2TB HDD

Windows 7 Professional

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