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Trouble Configuring SIV to control H80iV2


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Hi Folks,


Well I've been having alot of problems with CL4 and the H80i V2 cooler not working properly.


Basically CL4 doesn't control the Fan speed at all I can set to performance, balanced, quiet and fan speed stays at 780rpm.


Except for when I first bootup the machine it ramps up to about 1900rpm before the CPU usage drops and so to the fans.


I use AIDA64 Extreme also to monitor my system and it shows the fan speeds.


So I downloaded SIV as an alternative to control my H80i V2.


But I'm stuck. I followed the Guide for the Configuring Link Fan Control but I can't get into 6 = Custom mode on the RPM option only on PWM option.


I want to control the fans by RPM option as it's easier for me just to set a Temperature Point and then a corresponding Fan Speed RPM, but if I follow the guide when I select 6 = Custom on RPM it just reverts to 1 = NA.


Below are some screenshots showing Link Status, Link Fans, and the Link Fans page before I make any changes.










Any help to get this cooler working would be great.



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Asetek coolers such as the H80iV2 don't support setting the fan RPM which is why when you set mode 1 you get NA.


You need to select mode 6 (Custom) and then set the PWM % for each point as below.


I have also attached the relationship between the PWM % and RPM for my H80iGT and suspect your H80iV2 will be similar.


The guy who wrote the guide has the CoolIT H100 + CL Mini which use RPM rather than PWM % which is why the examples have custom curves with RPMs. GPUs + PSUs also use PWM % rather than RPM.





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Thanks for clarifying that red-ray.


I thought just for the sake of testing CL4 I uninstalled AIDA64 as I noticed that CL4 would run normally on startup until this program started up as it's monitoring my whole system cpu temp gpu temp fan speeds etc.


So I uninstalled this and tested for 2 hours CL4 whilst playing a game and behold it worked normally as in fan speed increased/decreased with cpu temp.


I still have to test a bit more but that system monitoring software may have been the issue. It's a real pain as I used it to tell me what my system was doing.

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Thanks for your reply red-ray.


I did a quick google search relating to CL4 & AIDA64 and found some posts relating to the problems between the two programs. There seems to be a fix by disabling the Asetek sensor in AIDA64 settings.


I would really like to keep AIDA64 on my machine so will have to test out and see if it works. Will use SIV as a backup incase CL4 doesn't work still as would ideally just like to use CL4 if I can but will use your great little program if I can't get things working together.


With AIDA64 uninstalled CL4 is running normal with my custom curve and fans increasing and decreasing rpm.

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