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I've had my H110i GTX for just over a year, and it has been working fine. However, recently my 5820k CPU temperatures have increased dramatically (up to around the 85c mark under load at stock speeds).




I have not changed any BIOS settings, or the internal hardware for months.

I've checked that the fan/Corsair Link connectors have not come loose, and cleaned, added new paste and re-seated the cooler block just in case, but with no change noted.


I was wondering if the pump may have failed? One of the tubes gets quite warm (more so nearer the CPU end), and the radiator seems much cooler by comparison to how it has been in the past. Corsair Link shows the pump to be at ~3000rpm in performance mode, but I've never been able to hear/feel the pump over other fan noise/vibration in the case.


Does this seem like a pump failure that is causing these high temperatures?



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You should never be able to get a 5820K@3.6Ghz up to 80C, no matter what you do. I am trying to interpret the water temp graph, so please correct any numbers errors. It looks like you were averaging about 40C water temperature before load was applied and again after. You water temperature is in part based on the room and case ambient temperature, plus of course CPU waste heat.


If it's 35C in your room, then this is all normal. However, I suspect this is not the case and the water system is running warm. There are several drops in the data (fan/liquid/pump). I don't know if this is a simple glitch in the polling or whether this represents a power fluctuation with the unit. The low pump speed is also too low, but that can simply be a captured moment on spin up. Regardless of the answer, I think you are witnessing the beginning a flow blockage. Right now some water still gets through, but it will get worse and the temps will continue to climb. You need to file an RMA request or seek a replacement -- provided it is not 35C in your room.


What program did you use to create the load in the above graph?

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Hi, thanks for the reply.


Yeah the ambient room temp was only around 20-21c. The load was created using an Aida64 stress test, but even in the BIOS it was steadily climbing up into the 70s. I could only run the test for about 1-2 minutes before it got too hot and I had to cancel it, then it idled at around the 50c mark (running at the lowered c-state frequencies).


The water temps were at ~36c before, and rose to about ~42c during that time, so it does seem the heat isn't being transferred from the block much.


I think the drops in the graph are just polling errors, there doesn't seem to be any in the Corsair Link graphs.


I'll look into getting it RMA'd, thanks.

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OK, if that's AIDA then you are way out bounds. Both my 5820K and 5930K will stay under 72C at 1.30v. At stock settings, both are under 50C on a Full blend CPU/FPU/cache/memory run. Also, the 6C rise in water temp from 36 to 42 is exactly what I would expect at your voltage and the heat is being transferred. The problem is the 36C starting water temp is way too high for your room temp. Things like TIM and contact issues won't affect water temp. Something is preventing the water from circulating in the proper manner and I am afraid there isn't anything you can do.


Create a help ticket here. You will need to create a separate log in and password from this site. You will need to upload the same information. Stress the current water temperature in comparison to room temperature. Mention the slow and continual rise of water temperature after boot. Also make sure you mention this is at the stock voltage. Hopefully, that will expedite the process. Do the advanced RMA if you can to cut down on back and forth shipping time.

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