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Carbide air 540 airflow setup


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Hi guys!


Got some question about my futur rig who's on the way home!




Carbide air 540 (for sure, we're on this trail :D)

Cpu: i5-6600K

AIO: H115i with the included Fans (2x SP140L PWM)

Mb: Msi Gaming Pro Carbon

Ram: 2x Corsair Vengeance LED (red) 8go 2666mhz

Gpu: Msi gtx 1080 Sea Hawk X

Psu: Corsair RM850i

Sd1: Samsung 850 Evo 500go

Ssd2: Samsung 850 Pro 250go

Hdd: WD 1To Blue

Screen: Acer Predator XB271HU

Add: 2x SP120 HP Quiet Edition + Y cable 3pin


My question is about the airflow setup (as usual)


What i think i will do is to put:


- in the front 2 x SP120 + Gpu AIO (origni fan) in Intake

- CPU Aio on the top in push

- rear, origine Fan SP140 in extraction? or intake?


Do you think it is a good and efficient setup? I am open to all advices 😊


Thanks for your helps guys!




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I would favor putting the hybrid GPU radiator in the rear slot as exhaust. Your GPU temps will be quite low already and trying to reduce the temperature from 45 to 42C by using it in the front intake is pointless. On the other hand, when you put in the front intake, you will release all your GPU waste heat back into the case. That's never helpful, although likely not catastrophic. Additionally, you will need to mount the fan to case and the radiator off the back. You cannot put it in the top 120mm slot. It will have to be one of the lower two. This then makes GPU length an issue. All of those problems are solved by putting in the rear slot.


With the CPU and GPU releasing their waste heat directly out of the case, you don't need a lot of air exchange. You can put 2x140 or 3 slowing turning 120's on the front of the case and have very cool temperatures. You won't need a lot of fan speed. For the front intake, AF140 style airflow fans would be preferable (quieter with better airflow) unless you have something that needs direct cooling, like an M.2 drive. If so, 3x120 with a hybrid style blade works better for that.

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First, thanks for your quick help!


Ok then what i have to do, as i dont have m.2, is:


Leave the 2 SP140L included with the case, in the front as intake.

The rad of the gpu aio on the rear with the fan in extraction on it.

The rad of cpu aio on the top with the fans in push extraction?

Then i bought the 2 sp120 hp quiet edition for nothing right now... My plan would be to buy a m.2 but later in 2017...


Man... I am lost now haha... Can you explane to me how you will setup this if it was your? Please. Like this i have a better understanding 😛



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The case will come with 3 AF140L fans. Using two in the front will be plenty of air.


You could use the 2 x SP120 Quiet edition on the GPU radiator, if you prefer them to the standard fan that comes with the Seahawk or don't want the LED. It looks like an LED SP120 which is a slightly different fan to the SP120 PE/QE.


My recommendation is to intake through the front and exhaust through the top and rear. I have two 540's and run various configurations. One of the prime advantages of the case is the short and direct airflow from the front. I prefer not to block it with a radiator unless necessary.

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mhhh yes, Good idea to put the two quiet edition on the GPU rad! I dont really need the led from the one who comes with the Seahawk! Really good setup, i think i will go for it yeah! True that we have to use the fact that this case is small with good airflow... even more when we know that the warm air goes up :D

And a good point is that i am playing only with headphone... then i will not cry for a lit bit more noise than with others products/setup...


Thanks for your advices sire!


I will give information about my rig when i will start/finish to build it, can't wait... miss so much to build rigs!

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