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H115i crackle


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My h115i has developed a crackle, it appears to be coming from only of of the fans as it i pull the power to the fan it stops.


Its not that old so im going to contact the place i bought it from for an RMA.


My question is do you think its safe to run in the meantime? Could i run the unit on just one fan for a while?



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Yes, I can see why that would be irritating. You can run on one fan only, just keep an eye on your temps. You have reduced the amount of airflow by half. There will still be some natural heat dissipation on the empty half, so it's not quite such a massive drop, but skip the stress testing and benchmarking for a while.


If your retailer is willing to replace a single fan that's great, but I suspect not. Corsair could, so you may want to contact them through the ticket system back on the main page. The other thing to consider is replacing the fans on your own (and getting a replacement through Corsair as well). Those fans are not super popular with a lot of users and these types of complaints are common. Your instance is a bit extreme, but normal wobbling and toppling in the inverted position is common. There are other 140m PWM radiator suitable fans out there that may be more pleasing acoustically and visually. The ML140 series is just one. There are others.

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