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RM 750 cable - possibly a Molex 2x4 pin cable


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Hi there


I have what I think is a Molex 2x4 pin cable, but have no idea where this is meant to go into my PSU (RM 750). I've attached 2 pictures of the cable, and 1 of the slots for the PSU.


Any ideas?


Also, apologies if I called the cable the wrong name - this is my first time building a computer, and I'm thoroughly confused!






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The other end has 2 molex connectors (see the 2 pictures attached). And you're right - I found this cable with my Graphics Card. The part number is 12CF1-1PW004-01R.


I was under the assumption that this would simply feed into the PSU, but I guess that is not the case as the cut out is not case.


My actual problem is that I have an LED strip with a male Molex, which I then connected to this cable, and then realised that it doesn't fit anywhere on the PSU.


If the cable isn't meant to fit in my PSU, then I guess this is more a Gigabyte problem than one to do with Corsair, so I guess I'll go post in a Gigabyte forum :)



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