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CMU32GX4M4C3000C15R - XMP issue unable to run on MSI X99A


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Hi, could anyone offer any assistance?


I have the MSI X99A Gaming 7 and just installed 32GB of Corsair Vengeance 3000Mhz LED RAM CMU32GX4M4C3000C15R. However, when I enable XMP the system fails to post correctly and I'm prompted to change settings in the BIOS (The XMP values are displayed correctly when enabled).


Things I can confirm:


1) My overclock of 4.5GHz is stable with a base clock of both 100 and 125 (100*45, 125*36).


2) Updated to the lastest BIOS (now) lists all options upto 3200MHz (previously 2800/3000 were missing).


3) All XMP settings are displayed in CPU-Z.


Right now as this is type the system is at 36*125@4.5GHz with the RAM as 2666MHz.


If I change any value or manually set a 3000MHz frequency it fails, enabling XMP fails.


I've set the RAM timings manually and voltage but still the same.....anyone have a similar setup that can help.


If I can't resolve this I think I'll just return them and get another brand.



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It is possible you are at the end of your overclocking range. XMP profiles are intended for the stock CPU frequency. If you run that and your CPU capability to the end, one or the other may fail. 4.5 is about the limit for HW-E chips. You're past the limit if this one the Broadwell-E CPUs, but you have not specified.


You likely need to manually work the timings and voltages (including VCCIO) at 3000 to get 32GB of RAM to run at those clock speeds. If you want see if the XMP profile works, set your CPU back to stock 3.XX and boot up. If it doesn't then that is an issue, but I suspect it will. Either way, you'll need to decide if you want to keep swapping out different brands of 3000+ RAM until you get one that happens to work at 4.5 on the CPU. If you decide to go that path, I would suggest looking at 3200 kits with the lowest C-latency you can find. 1) 3200 is sometimes easier to run than 3000. 2) XMP profiles are not super useful on X99 and manual tweaking is usually required. It takes about 30 seconds to set the primary timings, voltage, and frequency. Enabling XMP tends to change other variables you may not notice and not always in a positive way. 3) 3200 kits are generally the same price as 3000 kits these days, so the cost difference is minimal.


The last thing to consider is 3000 and 4.5 just might not be possible on your exact CPU and board combination with 32GB. If you don't really need the extra memory, drop down to 4x4GB. Besides the cost savings, almost everything can run 4x4@3200 these days. If you don't run a lot of memory dependent programs, none of this matters much, but I can see why you might pursue it from a sporting interest.

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I have the white 3000mhz 4x16gb LED ram... works fine on my x99 FTW K. I have had my 6850-k at 4.6ghz (I run it at 4.2ghz most the time) for benchmarking purposes with no issues. I would lower your O/C to stock just to see if the memory will run and if so, you have your answer on what c-attack was saying.
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Hi, thanks for the replies...


To test the ram at rated settings I removed my oc on the cpu and set it to default.


Enabled XMP in the BIOS (which is displayed correctly) - no post and prompted to change settings.


Also manually entered the setting as suggested: 15-17-17-35 1.35v 2T, selecting DRAM frequency to 3000MHz and RAM to LINK (so all settings applied across the stack), BCLK 100.00MHz - no post and prompted to change settings.


This is with the latest H.F BIOS.


I appreciate that a weak IMC may be the case at a high oc but not at default speed, also taking into account the ram running at a high oc on Qqu above running 64Gb.

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Hi, well I ordered a different kit which arrived today (different manufacturer) and installed it in the board.


Didn't change anything except enabled xmp and rebooted and voila booted into windows without issue @3200MHz, 14-14-14,34. This is also on my original oc @4.5Ghz.


From this one can only conclude that the Corsair kit is not compatible with this board and current bios, perhaps this info needs passing on so Corsair can liaise with MSI to get your kit working correctly on a revised bios.

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