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Corsair Veangeance 1500 stopped working after windows 10 update


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Since this new windows 10 update my Corsair Veangeance 1500 dosn't seem to work properly.

The mic still works as an audio input device but the headphones dosn't work as output. I think this may be a major problem for all Corsair Veangeance 1500 devices.


EDIT: It's fixed with the leatest drivers http://www.corsair.com/en/vengeance-1500-dolby-7-1-usb-gaming-headset-v2

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i have a little bit different problem here.

since the update, no possibility to talk with my corsair 15OO.

Software like "mumble" or "Skype" even Windows detect as usual the sound coming from my mic, but the other person don't here me.

i have already uninstalled the drivers, clear the register entries and re-install new drivers like the one posted by "SilentDawn" and nothing seems to work... could someone assist with this one?

Many thanks in advance.

(Sorry for my bad english, it's not my main language.)

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Having the same issue after a build update today.


I was already on those drivers. Uninstalled and reinstalled. I'm getting audio now, but it's heavily distorted. My headset practically unusable right now.


EDIT: I think I've managed to fix it. As mentioned above, I was already on the latest drivers and nothing helped when I uninstalled and reinstalled and even after restarting. What I found today, was that even though I had uninstalled the drivers, it didn't delete the corsair files in program files. So I deleted those, restarted and reinstalled. That seems to have finally fixed the problem. Also, if you try this and are worried about losing your profiles, don't worry, you won't. You profiles are saved to program data files and not program files, so you can delete program files without having to worry about losing your profile settings. Hope this helps.

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