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Save DPI Setting on Mice!


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Is it not possible to save dpi setting on the corsair m65 pro rgb's memory?


it's really annoying if i change from windows to linux and all my settings get lost for a "premium" priced mice!


is there no firmware update or do i realy have to bring back that mice and replace it with a logitech oder razer!!!





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If i recall correctly, the static lights and performance settings are saved to the mouse. Though i'm not quite sure if that has changed.


Thats the point, it does not work.


I hit "save static light and performance to device", but it only saves the static light and not the dpi nor dpi-light settings.


reboot, use an os without cue (i've dual boot with linux / windows) or close cue --> i lose my dpi settings.


it's really annoying.

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So here we are with iCUE 3.x and this "Save Static Lighning, DPI and Performance to Device" is still in the GUI but does nothing and won't/can't be fixed?



There is no connection between the current issue with iCUE 3.10 and whatever this person was doing 2.5 years ago with a different control program. If you absolutely need this resolved today, roll back to iCUE 3.9 and save the settings. Make sure you back up your profiles or save your C:Users/(name)/App Data/Roaming/Corsair folder before uninstalling.

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