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Are the cables for HX1000 interchangeable with HX1050


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I'll make this brief ...


I need to help my brother diagnose a possible electrical problem with his system after an Evga 1600 watt unit bit the dust (and/or now a possibly bad mboard on top of that) . He had a HX1000 installed (a backup unit) , but it may have now gone out too , so Iam going to pull my HX1050 out of an older rig and hook it up to his HX1000 cables , basicly so that I do not have to tear down my cabling in my extra rig .


Are the two compatible , HX1000 cables on on HX1050 ???


Added note , I do have all the correct goodies and more to test the psu by itself , but want to use my HX1050 to ever so briefly see if his system will power up at all (with everything in the case and again also out of the case) ; which would most likely mean his mboard is bad (as it seems now the mobo will eventually keep blowing out psu units) .

He has agreed to replace my HX1050 if that goes too . :)


I need answer to the cabling question asap . Tia !

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