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I literally have the same problem. I have googled everything and all I see is the issue with the LED blinking red.


Mine flashes white every 10-15 seconds.. no matter what color I put it to (obviously when I set it to white, you can't see the blinking).


It only started doing this after I updated to latest software with Corsair Link, all my fans and my pump works fine so its definitely not broken.. just think the software might be.




-Just exited out of Corsair Link program, and my LED doesn't flash at all.. so its definitely a software problem. Might try installing older version to see if that helps/fixes the issue for now.

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Same thing happens to me on my CoolIt H80i. It flickers white every 7-10 seconds no matter what colour I have or if it is off. I also cannot get my LEDs to shut off completely. When I have everything set to 0, there is a faint white glow and the flickering. This problem does not happen on Corsair Link 3. I gave up and bought an Asetek H80i v.2 but it did not fit in my main due to a heatsink preventing me from plugging in the USB cable <face palm>. I installed that one in my server and it has been fine with Corsair Link 4. Just wishing Corsair would address the issue with the old H80i and H100i.
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