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Carbide 400r and 500r parts interchangability


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I currently have a Carbide 400r that has been serving me well for a few years. My system is getting a few upgrades soon, so I'm interested in adding a h110i cooler while I'm at it. Now, I've heard that there is sometimes a clearance problem with the h110i in the 400r case that necessitates mounting the fans outside the case. The 500r seems to remedy this by having a taller top panel that can contain the radiator or the fans.


I've heard that the parts for the 500r will fit on the 400r frame. My bigger question is whether just the top panel can be swapped without changing the front panel? By the time I swap the top, front, i/o panel, sides, etc, I might as well just buy a 500r. If just the top will fit, I can save myself a solid $90.



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