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Corsair H100i v2 - connection and operation help needed...


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hello guys,

I need some help connecting and operating my newly purchased Corsair H100i v2. I'm going to use it on a Intel i5 6600K and Asus Maximus VIII Gene system.


what I've done so far is: I installed the H100i v2, connected the pump to the CPU_FAN header and wired the two fans to get controlled by the pump. I did not connect the link cable and did not install the CorsairLink software.


my system seems to work just fine, cpu temps around 20C at idle (17-20C room temps), no disturbing fan noise, no heat issues at all. still after some reading here and there I'm not sure I did everything right, thus I want to clarify the situation for my personal peace. ;)


now my questions:

1. in which mode does the pump operate with no usb cable attached and no CorsairLink software installed? is it quiet, balanced or performance?


2. should I connect the pump to the W_PUMP connector on the motherboard? what would be the difference?


3. should I connect the link cable and install the CorsairLink software?

what would be the benefit provided I'm not interested in the RGB lighting?


I'm including a HWInfo screenshot of the current temps and voltages.


thank you all for reading the thread and sharing your opinion.


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1) Good question. I am not sure there is a way to know without Link. Some have suggested the pump changes speed on it's own based on water temperature. It's claimed the fan curve is something different that the the included profiles. It holds speeds down for some time before increasing as the water temp nears the 40C line. However, you would be guessing at that point.


2) No. CPU_FAN. There is nothing special about the water pump header and since it can be re-tasked to behave as a normal header, it is more useful free. Something has to be on CPU fan and the header isn't good for much else besides an air tower's fans. In this case, it can be set to 100%, 12v, disabled, etc. to provide the constant 12v load the pump needs.


3) Ability to control the fans and observe the dependent water temperature variable. Adjust pump speed (not useful unless the pump is loud), LED control, info for other Corsair products.


You are likely to run into difficulties running AI Suite and Link at the same time, so you may need to make a choice along those lines.

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thanks for the response c-attack, much appreciated. ;)


here is what I found out after some experimenting yesterday. I connected the link cable and installed the latest CorsairLink software (v4.3.0.154).


1. it seems the pump comes pre-loaded with the balanced mode saved in the memory. that's what Link showed me after first start, nothing touched.


2. I left the pump attached to CPU_FAN as you suggested and this header is defined as PWM fan in the bios. this should be ok according to what I read around.


3. I decided to leave CorsairLink installed, it's good to be able to troubleshoot in case something goes wrong.


I never install AI Suite or any other Asus motherboard software except pure drivers. one should learn from the past...;):

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1) That had always been my assumption and seemed most likely. However, several other users have commented they were unhappy with the fan levels after installing Link and insisted the hidden default profile was something different. Either way, the Quiet profile can be used in most scenarios.


2) Although most headers on ROG boards will auto-detect (PWM vs DC), you also want to disable the fan control over the H100i v2 header. That will be listed as the "Full Speed" option in Q-Fan (EZ-BIOS) or "Disabled" in the advanced BIOS, Monitoring drop down menu. Both do the same thing. Even in PWM mode, there is no reason for the BIOS to try and tune the it like a fan.


3) I think that's the place to start. If you hate Link, it can always be uninstalled and you can move the fan leads to the motherboard. However, you'll have a better knowledge of how the cooler should work and can hopefully spot trouble without the software or re-install it if you suspect an issue.

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