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Reduce Pump speed will increase life time?


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I have Corsair H100i v2 and I know pump is not PWM and runs at full speed.


But my motherboard is capable of controlling DC voltage of pump. (Motherboard: Maximus VIII hero alpha.)


Will this improve life time if I enable it? (Note: I will NOT overvolt the pump.)


I'm thinking to set it up like this.


Temp--------------Pump speed-----PC State


under 35----------80%--------------idle or medium load

36 to 50-----------90%--------------heavy load

Over 51-----------100%-------------basically cant reach this temp!


I want to know will it improve life of my pump? (I think yes but want to make sure)

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The CPU_FAN header does not control the pump speed, but rather provides power for the H100iV2 controller. To operate as designed to H100iV2 needs a constant +12 volts and if you fail to supply this the H100iV2 will not operate as designed and lots of strange things will happen.


If anything doing this will reduce the life of the H100iV2 pump!

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