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need help making macro with new K70 lux


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hi all , just got my new k70 lux and i love it its so awesome.

I am trying to make a macro for use with my audio production daw. my audio production suite has a feature where you can drag the project view with mouse if you hold CTRL+ALT together and drag. Kind of like holding spacebar and dragging in photoshop and windows photo viewer.

I cant for the life of me figure out how to make a macro for this in CUE. I did it so easily in logitech software for my G600 mmo mouse but would love to do it in CUE for my K70 lux. Basically what I need is not so much macro profile but just multi key.

like in the logitech software I could record a macro or I could simply set one key or button on the mouse or even my G13 output a key combo.

I want to make my K70 lux press and hold CTRL+ALT when I am holding spacebar for example. is this not possible with CUE?

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