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Corsair Neutron X Firmware Update format?


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Hello All,

I have recently been trying to figure out how to Update the firmware on my Corsair Neutron X from SAFC01.1 To SAFC01.6, as the dilemma is that it has my OS installed and during the update SSD Toolbox warns me that the firmware requires to format the drive.


I have considered cloning the drive to another drive installing windows on it and then format the OS drive re-clone over install windows again to solve this issue. If this is wrong do tell because heck installing OS on drives which then need to be cloned is something i don't want to mess with.


I ask if anyone knows a better solution to this or have done this themselves as i have read that if the drive is not causing issues then there is no need to update to latest firmware if that is the case then i would ask if anyone knows the details on what SAC01.6 firmware updates provides.




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If it wasn't an issue before the firmware update, it will be best to pass this along with Customer service as it seems the firmware update has affected the SSD.


Regarding your post from the other thread, Unfortunately, a downgrade is not possible without firmware files which is no longer available as the updates are now done over the toolbox.

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