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Weird issue with Carbide 540 case?


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Hey All,

New member here, been years since I built a custom rig but loving getting back into it! :)


I have an issue with the new custom build I put together with the 540 case. Got everything working but I noticed that when I lightly press on the front panel (where the power reset button is) it acts as if I pressed the reset button. This happens when I plug in a headphone jack and even when I remove a front USB plug!


Is this a defect with the case or did I do something wrong, causing it to behave like this? I am going to examine the case more closely tonight, hoping it's something loose in the case that I can tighten, but I wanted to ask the community for suggestions.



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Thanks, I opened a ticket and they suggested I take apart the front panel to check if anything was touching. When I examined the panel, it turns out that there were a couple of issues. The first was that the plastic "cutout" for the power switch hadn't been fully cutout, so that's what was causing the weird issue with the press (wasn't pressing nicely).


The second issue is that once I cutout the plastic part that let the button press nicely, the tolerance was incorrect when I put the front panel back on. What I mean by this is that the plastic piece that is supposed to press the button when you press the button on the panel was always touching the power button on the I/O panel. I simple filing down of that plastic piece (just a little) so it would only touch when I actually pressed the button resolved this issue.


Thanks again.

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