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K65 RGB Rapidfire Coil Noise and general RMA question

Der Wartende

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My K65 RGB Rapidfire is also affected by a high pitched noise (sounds like coil whine known from Graphic Cards or Power Supply), when the LEDs are on.



I already opened an RMA Ticket and asked specifically to quickly test the new unit before sending it back.

However I was then told, that it would not be possible to do this. :confused:


Is this true?

And if yes, should I still send in my current keyboard in and just hope for the best?

Is this a random issue or just an issue of the very first batch?


I am a bit afraid to RMA this keyboard, only to get back another one with the same problem (or even louder noise).

How can I be sure to get a quiet keyboard?

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I talked to two different support guys now. At least one of them not speaking German (and then using Google Translate, instead of just speaking english).


Both don't answer anymore (since 3 days now) and I am still waiting for a proper DHL-label for free shipping!

(The Retour-Label on the Corsair-RMA-site does NOT work.)


To my concern to receive a new Keyboard with the same noise issue, one claimed, that the Keyboards at Corsair would not have this issue.

But to be honest, I am not sure, if I can trust his word.


So far I am not impressed with the Support.

The Chat doesn't seem to be available and there's no telephone number for German Customers.


RMA-Ticket-Nr. is:


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