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Fan control too eager


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Hi there,


I've recently purchased and setup a new h100i v2.


The link software has taken my custom fan curve without issue and everything is running well.


I have however hit on a frustrating little niggle, the fans seem far too eager to respond to cpu temp changes.

It would appear there is no spin up or smoothing to fan response.


Please see the attached temp graph, I see this a lot during general use.



And as a result I get constant speed and pitch changes from the fans, very annoying when I'm doing nothing but browsing the web.


Is there a setting I have missed somewhere or a way to apply smoothing to fan response within link?



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Cheers that seems to have stopped the fans from breathing all the time.


I have ran prime95 for an hour or so and noticed that the v2 temp doesn't change all that much during heavy load (+3 degrees, there or abouts).

Would it be recommended for me to set up a custom curve with very small increments? As all the default profiles don't have any speed adjustments at the temp ranges observed.



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Change the group from CPU Package to H100iV2 temperature and see if that is to your liking.


Brilliant, Thank you Red Ray, I have just come to have a look if there is an answer to this as I reinstalled W10 last night and was getting fed up with fans revving up and down.



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