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Corsair H2100 Wireless issues echo/metal noise


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So this is my FOURTH pair on wireless h2100s. The first two the left earpiece died, the third snapped and now on my fourth the left earpiece is making an echo noise constantly. It's almost as if I'm in a room with metal sheets as walls(if that makes sense). Never in my life have I had as much trouble with any headset other than h2100s. If this problem isn't fixable I'm never going to buy a Corsair product again. Is there any fix to this? Or should I just trash it? Best Buy only gave me a two week warranty and I've had this pair for about 4 weeks and is breaking just around the same time as the others.


Are the H2100 models just not good? Everyone I've seen so far with the 2100 model have been nothing but complaints when I look it up.

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