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Is this normal for a 500R?


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Hello guys, few weeks back I bought a Corsair 500R cabinet, but unfortunately it came with a broken connector at front panel, so I did the RMA and got a new one. But this new one is kinda weird. I am talking about the CC-8930017 connector here.


After installing it I was redoing the cable management and all, and then I suddenly found that the main connector, which has all connections except the USB 3.0 has detached from the board. Now I am not sure but I thought this was a not detachable adapter? Also that glue or candle wax look alike thing which is around that adapter, is loose, falling off in parts or something, but a little portion of it is there, and because of this the adapter won't fully go in and cover the pins entirely, even after plugging it in you could see some pins, the connection is not firm! Don't they fully go in? Kindly see the photos, it will be much clearer to understand what this weirdo is asking here :biggrin: You could see the pins in the Red box.


Thanks in advance.



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Remove the glue surrounding the header and the connector should fit correctly.


Thanks. I have done that, and it fits snugly now.


Just one thing, for my knowledge, is there any "half" connection thing here? I mean if say 24 pins are connected and 8 pins aren't, then will the front panel work partially, or it won't work at all without 100% connection? I have been wondering about this for long time actually.

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