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Sabre Optical RGB tracking issue


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Being a proud owner of a strafe RGB and in need of a new mouse i figured i'd try the saber RGB. On arrival plugged the mouse in, but to my surprise the mouse won't track on my desk.


I've heard that optical mice are pickier on what surface they track or not. But even my cheap 5 dollar HP mouse that uses optics and a red laser is able tot track on my table.


At first i thought maybe it wasn't getting enough power using the keyboards USB port, it's the same when plugging it in back. And not a big fan of using a mouse pad either, so that's out of the question. It tracks perfectly fine on my hand and pants so the mouse is working.


Even changing the lift height settings doesn't seem to do anything. Updated the mouse to the newest firmware, changed nothing. Am i missing something, or did i really just luck out with my desk?


Edit: Would the m65 pro be less picky about the surface with its surface callibration?

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Thanks, i have kind of found a solution and that was to use some fine sandpaper and roughen up my desk. Seeing as it was already a tiny bit damaged by the previous mouse i figured why not.


But is your desk als varnished? Because the sabre works fine on pretty much any wooden surface i could find it's just the varnished types its having trouble with.

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