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Gutted!! MM 800 RGB Polaris


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That the surface is just hard plastic. The M65 is just sliding all over the shop!!!!Dont get me wrong It looks the nuts, but coming from using a Razer Speed matt!!! That will teach me for not reading specs properly and just wanting spangly lights to match everything else. Now I'm thinking of buying a MM200 and cutting it down to size to fit over the top so I can still see the lights!!


Or I suppose I could try and get used to it. :mad:

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There are many difference mouse pads for different people. I personally prefer the cloth surface as well because I "feel" that I have more control, but that's just me. Some gamers actually prefer the harder surface because it has less resistance.


Yes I totally agree with you, I've had a few games with it and I think I could quite easily get used to it.


I do have a request though, is there any chance of a Corsair cloth matt that would fit perfectly over the top of the hard surface but still allow the lights to be seen around the edge, a 2mm Matt would be fine I think.


Thank you.

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