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New Corsair Keyboard IDEA


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do you guys @Corsair plan to make a wireless gaming keyboard... There are none on the market atm and gamers who care about nice,clean looking desk setups would be all over it.

I am thinking a Corsair lapdog with a flat bottom battery housing with Integrated "laptop" style battery/s, no attached mouse pad, low latency connection, a beefy mechanical keyboard suites Corsair's design language IMO.


pls make it, ill be desperately waiting for this to be a thing


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I very much doubt it mate. The reason gamers use Mice and Keyboards with cords is because of response times. Having wireless would have some impact on that I guess.


^ Bingo! Latency is a big issue for professional gamers. However, that doesn't mean that we won't produce wireless products ever. Thank you for your suggestion Duncecone

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