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Issues with keyboard lighting


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I just used the Corsair software to configure the animated keys of my K95-RGB keyboard and they do as I want according to different schemes when switching between M1, M2 and M3.


Then I noticed that when I did an update of VMWare Workstation, I didn't want to reboot the system as I guess one should do. After the update, the animation profile disappeared and has that "factory" red with white wasd+G and arrow keys. I didn't care because after reboot, the animated keys came back.




Then, I decided to have different users on my Windows 7 system that I can log in to and out of. I created one account for say; gaming, another for programming, a third for design and so on so that I can use different accounts for different tasks.


As soon as I logged in to another account, the animated profile disappeared and I got back the red and white keys. When I switched back to my old account, the animated profile didn't come back.


What gives? Should I file a bug report?

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