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Spacebar and other buttons unable to hold down


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Hi everyone, I have a Corsair k70 LUX just a few days ago but I found a problem.


I have played a few games where you can hold down the space bar and it will keep letting you jump, but it can only be pressed once and then nothing happens if it stays held down. I think this also happens with my escape key.


Is this normal, or is this a problem with the keyboard?

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Can you open up notepad and press and hold the spacebar to see if it acts as it's being held down? I want to see if it works out of the game or not.


Ok so I did a little bit more testing, for some reason it isn't holding down when I use a certain profile, weird.


But I've got it. If you have an action which is using that button, you are sometimes unable to hold it down, depending on what the macro is.


So if the spacebar's macro was something like:

1. Press key spacebar

2. Pause execution for 121ms

3. Release key spacebar


Then that would be why you cannot hold it down.


Thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it! c:

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