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New to Corsair. 1500i + alienware area 51. power up "click"


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Alienware area 51 R2 10 core processor,

64gb memory,

1080 founders edition

3 HDDs on sata

2 SSD's on sata

2 Samsung 950 ssds on a pcie cards placed in the pcie x16 slots

ODD blu ray burner


i customized this machine at dell with a 800 watt psu with the intention of getting the 1500i


after wiring up everything and pressing the alien head power button, the system turns on and immediately turns off.


i plug up the shipped 800 watt psu and the system boots normal.


the mobo has a 8 pin cpu, 24pin mobo.


if i only plug up the 14 pin connector on the psu side, pressing the self test the green lamp is on.


plugging in the 10 pin connector PLUS the 14 pin connector and no self test green lamp. i hear the click inside the psu but no joy.


used a different atx cable from a brand new in box 1200i (i read they are compatible) and same shenanigans.


even used the 1200i in place of the 1500i and it behaved the same way.


i have a brand new 1500i coming in today by courier so will re-test, but i find this odd that i get the immediate on then OFF when using the corsair 1200i or 1500i but with the stock dell 800 watt psu the system boots and works normal.


what am i missing?


i attempted to attach a pdf of the mobo form the service manual.



Alienware Area 51 R2.pdf

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So to follow up on this.


I attempted to install a AX1200i, AX1500i, HX1200i.


All three did the "click" / flicker. Pc did not power on.


Tried the fan load trick plus shorting the two pins on the little header that the power button is connected to to "kick" the mobo. No dice.


I then purchased a HX1000i and it is working nicely and boots fine.


The AX1500i was purchased at amazon. The AX1200i was from Frys, and the HX1200i was purchased from newegg. So all different places. All three of those psu's work fine but the Alienware Area 51 r2 mobo does not like those for some reason.


I returned the AX1200i and the HX1200i. I am currently using the HX1000i with no issues. I will hang on to the AX1500i as im hoping one day something will change to get it to work.


Just wanted to follow up here in case others are surfing the internet and come across this post.

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