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Fan Speed H115i


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I have a new H115i to replace a H110i with a faulty pump (in RMA).


I noticed that the max fan speed is a lot lower than on the H110i.

With whatever profile I use the fan speed almost never goes over 1680rpm (that when it should be at 100%).

I tried to explicitly set the speed to 100% and what I noticed is that it briefly spike to 2220rpm then slowly goes down to 1680rpm - over maybe 1 minute.


I know the advertised fan speed is 2000rpm +- 10 % but that would be 1800rpm in the worst case not 1680rpm.


I also noticed that as it has a way lower top fan speed then my previous H110i, it is more difficult to keep my system cool during gaming when the gpu is warming the air in the case.


My system is the following:


Asus Maximus Gene VIII

I7 6700K


Asus gold 980ti

Enthoo Evol matx

950 Pro 512gb

840 pro 256gb

Be quiet! DP 11 1000W


The sata connector of the H115i is connected. The 2 fan connected are connected to the H115i, the 3 pin fan connector (thin wire) is in the CPU Fan connector on motherboard and the USB is connected to motherboard.

I use Corsair Link to control the H115i. Fna on the H115i are set in Push and the H115i is at the top of my case.


Anybody experiencing this issue ? Do I have a faulty one ?


Thanks for your time!


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Are you running AI Suite or some other monitoring program? Your core temperatures are a good 5C below water temp (not sustainable) and your package temp is 30C above the core temps. Package temp can be a weird variable, but it's not that skewed.


Also, make sure you take out the top dust filter. You don't need any extra resistance up there with the already limiting side vent design.

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Hi c-attack,


Yes AI suite is managing my 3 other Noctua fans.

I didn't have any other monitoring software running at the time.


Just to be sure AI Suite didn't interfere, I uninstalled it and check everything after. The package temperature didn't change (still +- 30° compared to the cores).

I did notice that since I installed the H115i, the CPU temp displayed in the bios and in AI suite is incorrect. Absolutely no idea why.

The motherboard temps are also a lot warmer.


There are no dust filter on top of my case. As the fans are in push I didn't think it was necessary.

The case shape/top vent should not be an issue as the H110i was running at full speed in the same config without issues.


I included a picture of temps at idle and while stress testing (OCCT - room temp 20°). Just for info :).

You can see that the H115i fan are slow at 100%.


These temps and fan issue are ennoying - wished my H110i pump hadn't died :sigh!:.



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Well, for what it's worth your stress test data looks good. You have a +6C rise in water temp after 30 minutes of OCCT. That is a good result. Since only the H115i and Link can measure water temp, that is a reliable value. It is hard to be sure on the other numbers for now. AI Suite extends deep into your system. You can't just uninstall it. You need to use an Asus utility cleaner to remove the drivers. Those drivers allow fan control, even when the program is not running.


There are other reasons for CPU core temps to vary from one unit to another. Besides normal daily environmental changes, the actual installation and contact material is different as well. There are also a myriad of other reasons for the variability including Windows updates, chipset drivers, and BIOS settings.


However, as to the original complaint, try taking the two fans off the pump block and connect them to either CPU&OPT or another CHA_FAN header on the motherboard. Use AI Suite/Fan Xpert to test the range. This can help exclude the physical fan as a problem. If so, we can then focus on some control solutions.

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Hi c-attack,


I did as suggested and connected the fan to CPU fan and CPU OPT header.

Result after fan tuning in fan expert

Max speed fan left: 1900

Max speed fan right: 1657 ... !


I swapped then on the CPU fan/ CPU OPT to make sure it was not one of the header that was faulty but it is indeed the right fan that seems faulty.


I also noticed that the fan bounce in speed - just cannot keep it stable.


I suppose that's a RMA. Just bought it so it is under warranty :).


Thanks for all the help :biggrin:!




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Ah, good job. Since the H115i only reports 1 fan speed (not both individually) that would be hard to spot. I have no idea how it decides which fan connection is the reporting value.


Contact Corsair through a help ticket like you used for the RMA. Let them know one fan is out of spec. They should ship you a replacement without the need for a full return.


You also may want to consider some other fan alternatives in the long run. The wobble is an element of the bearing design. Some fans are worse than others, but that design type is always a bit inconsistent in the inverted horizontal plane (blowing air up). There are other fans (including the new ML140 series) that do not have this issue. You aren't going to find a pair that moves more air, but you can change your appearance and sound profile.


So, do I understand correctly you picked up a stand-in H115i while the H110i/GT was in RMA?

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Hi c-attack,


I'll create a help ticket today.

Yes, you are right, I purchased the H115i while the H110i was sent to RMA. This is my work computer, I cannot be for weeks without it and I didn't want to buy a crappy basic fan for it :):).

I'll use the H110i when it comes back on another build.


Those ML140 seems to be quite nice. I'll check them out more and might get 2 of them :).


Thanks mate :sunglasse.

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