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Lapdog improvement


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Good day,


I'd like to suggest an improvement to the Lapdop.


I'm not a fan of laptops due to their poor performance to price ratio, and I dislike to use the TV as a gaming screen it's too big and the couch isn't in the perfect position for it, but I love playing from the couch, it's relax and casual.


I play with the keyboard on my lap, the mouse on a hard mouse pad next to me and a monitor temporarily placed in front of me. It looks ridiculous, but it works well for me. Unfortunately it requires a setup time and needs to be put away as soon as i'm done. (babies love wires!)


It would be fantastic if the Lapdog had a screen attachment. Laptop screens are thin, lightweight, hold on hinges, but do not take HDMI in. It would be nice to have an option with the lapdog to add a screen attachment.


It would allow the use of a desktop computer, on the couch, with very minimal setup with a screen much closer to the eyes.


I would also like to see the keyboard and mouse part of the board to be detachable. Not all users like the mouse to be level with the keyboard, I've always preferred it a bit further to the right.


Happy playing,


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